Sunday, 30 November 2014

all eyes on warby parker and ghostly eyewear

So the time in my life has come to start wearing glasses.  For many years I loved going to the opticians with friends and family to help them pick new glasses.  I'd actually spend more time trying on different styles and looking at myself in the mirror than I did being of any help to them!  Wishing away the days until I too could wear some of my own.  Well, now that time is here and it hasn't been that easy to choose.  I've visited a number of opticians, tried out more pairs of glasses than I can recall and got equally confused with them all!

Today I sitting here in my purchase which arrived last week. Finally I found a pair I like and now I have to get used to them which is kind of strange and also making me feel a little queasy!
I mean if you want to wear glasses just for fun that's perfectly fine. But always remember that some people actually need to wear them and don't do it for the fun
Just after I purchased my new eyes to the world, I got an email from Warby Parker - the cool eyeware people that want purchasing your glasses to be easy, fun and not leave a gapping hole in your bank account (cheers to that during the Holidays!).  Warby Parker has another mission besides getting you clear vision and looking good at the same time.  There are apparently almost one billion people worldwide without access to glasses, so approximately 15% of the population unable to read, learn or work due to lack of clear sight.  Warby Parker is working towards solving this problem with partners like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of Warby Parker glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.  You buy a pair and they donate a pair - so far one million pairs.  Love this idea.

Warby Parker has just reissued its much admired Curtis range in collaboration with Ghostly International, this time in limited edition colors - Aubergine Fade, Moss and Bourbon Tortoise and always classic Black.  My go to color would have to be the Moss (I'm always drawn to anything green).   And, if you escaping the winter chills for warmer climates, check out the sunglasses too.  To top  it all, Warby Parker do a 'try at home' service too (with free shipping & returns) - pick out 5 frames, try them out at home and see what your nearest and dearest think of your new look, then make your choice and purchase online. Another great idea.

So now I may need to get a spare pair of glasses, as I'm sure I'll end up putting my glasses down and spend half the day wandering around looking for them!

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