I began my blog in 2009.  I'd stumbled across some fabulous blogs and thought it would be a fun for me to create my own 'magazine'.  I blog about things that I see, do, hear and enjoy.  Things that inspire me.  Things that interest me.  Life, love, family, friends, food and so much more.

I am originally from London, UK where I grew up and lived until I was 34.  After meeting my 'future' husband, we relocated to the Netherlands where we lived for a total of 8 years and where both our children were born.   We now find ourselves in Portland Oregon, USA for the 2nd time - a place we love so much.

I am a mama to two children, a boy and girl.  And wife of the Huzz.  

I love travel, sunshine, beaches, summer, flowers, scarves, music, food and wine, photography, cafes, running and walking, candle light, campfires, ham and eggs.

I love style and am happy to spend far too much time browsing magazines and Pinterest admiring those stylish people!

Family life fills my days.  I am happy for this and grateful to be in the life I have.

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