Monday, 14 December 2009

Nuts about nuts

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I love nuts. All kinds. Salted, in shells, covered in chocolate, dry-roasted, spicy, just love em! I could munch on bowlfuls without really thinking about it. I saw this recipe for Union Square Cafe bar nuts on this blog and also on Nigella's US Food Network program. On her website they are just called 'Bar Nuts'. They are delicious - a sweet, spicy, salty combo. I shall be making stacks of these to nibble on over the Christmas holiday. Easy and kind of (?) healthy.


  1. I love the Union Square Cafe! And I love buts too...they are my healthy snack option though most of the time I end up eating way too many and the calorie count goes through the roof! x LZ

  2. I have the Nigella Christmas cookbook but restrained from giving the recipe a try - I am afraid I'll inhale a kilo in a single session. Not very healthy...


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