Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow at the beach

I'm sure everyone has a 'snow story' to tell right now. So here's mine...
I'm more than relaxed to say the least. No tearing around the shops trying to find the last gift on my list for me. We have just returned for a stress-busting 3 days at the beach. Beach I hear you say? With all this snow and freezing temperatures? Yes indeed! We have been staying at the Noordzee Hotel & Spa, at Cadzand Bad on the dutch coast, very close to the Belgian border and about 20k from Brugge.
The 2hr drive was relaxed and calm. No snow drifts or endless lines of cars. Snow glistened in trees and fields but the roads were clear. We checked into this lovely family owned hotel, decorated with Christmas trees, candles and log fires. We wrapped ourselves up in all our warmest clothes and spent the afternoon walking on the beach, playing football and clearing the cobwebs.
We spent 3 days enjoying the indoor heated pool and sauna, having Swedish massages, relaxing in our lovely room with views over the beach and indulging in family R n' R time watching Christmas movies and eating popcorn. Delicious meals in the restaurant and hot chocolates with whipped cream in the afternoon next to a roaring fire. Bliss.
And we got more than our fare share of the white Christmas feeling as well. With temperatures hitting -6, we woke up Sunday morning to a huge snow storm. Snuggled in our outdoor gear we walked on a snow covered beach where dunes and break-waters were covered in sparkling snow and oh so pretty. On the beach we built a snowman and made snow angels. We slid on our bums down the path which had turned into an ice slide. We could hardly see where the beach ended and the sea began as the snow storm was so heavy. Amazing and beautiful and so much fun. A trip we will always remember.
No shopping, no crowds, nothing to do but relax and be together. If you have the opportunity to get away at this time of year, I highly recommend it. A hotel with all the festive trimmings and nothing much for you to do. You will be revived and chilled out, and ready to welcome your guests, get that turkey stuffed and enjoy your festivities even more on Christmas Day.
We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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  1. That looks like heaven to me. Went to Sainsbury's today. It's war out there. Have a Merry Christmas!


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