Monday, 15 March 2010

7 little things about me

A couple of weeks ago, two lovely bloggers, Chic Mama and A Few Things From My Life, asked me to reveal 7 little things about myself.  I've been having a think, and here they are.  If you're interested, read on.

Drum roll please.....
  • A really don't like having my photograph taken.  Rather disappointing for Huzz who, given half the chance, would spend his days behind the camera clicking away.  I am never (well, rarely) happy with the outcome - Is that really me I think every time!
  • I love fresh flowers at home.  Friday is market day just a few streets away from us, and the flower choice is amazing.  I always come home with my arms (or buggy) full - this week we have tulips and hyacinths.
  • I love crispy white cotton sheets, dried outside in the sun or a cool breeze, all crunchy and fresh.  For me, one of the best things about staying at a hotel is having my bed freshly made up every day.  I NEVER leave the sign on the door saying "Don't make up room"!
  • I make a mean chocolate chip, chocolate filled cookie.  Don't even think about the calories!  There's a box of them sitting in the kitchen calling me right now!
  • I was born at St Bartholmew's Hospital (Barts) London, and I'm originally from Islington N1.
  • I hate to be late for anything.  I'd rather be 30 mins early than even 1 minute late.  This makes my Huzz a bit crazy as he is always running behind time and he's more often than not late!  Still love him though!
  • I have a tattoo of 3 hibiscus flowers growing on a vine on my back.

There you go.  7 little things you didn't know before. 


  1. Wonderful little bits about yourself! Thanks for showing us your true colors:) x LZ

  2. Love these little snippets. I'm dying for a tattoo, yours sounds lovely. Might have to do some serious thinking on the subject.

    Have a great week! x

  3. How interesting. Love getting to know people more. An Islington girl. I lived in Highbury Fields for a while and used to love browsing up and down Upper Street. Ditto fresh flowers and not having my photograph taken. There are big gaps in my growing up - shame really - as I have destroyed all evidence.

    You are brave having a tattoo - did it really hurt? I nearly got one once when I was drunk - of a cup of tea. I hate tea but it was in honour of my husband.

    I do feel like I know you more.

  4. A lovely 7. I love hibicus too, am going to find myself a lovely purple one to plant on my terrace this year.

    So want one of your choc chip cookies. xx

  5. oooh, do we get to see the tattoo?

  6. I am very surprised about the tattoo. VERY. When? How? Why? This is so wild!! :)

  7. Ladies - Lots of interest in the tattoo I see ?! I do love tattoos, when they are done well and in the right place. I had it done in Portland OR nearly 4 years ago, a brithday pressie from Huzz, at my request - not a teenage rebelious thing. Yep, it hurt - but not as much as child birth - more of a stinging burning feel (acutally that is a bit like child birth, and I did use my breathing technique to get through it). Anyone watched 'Miami Ink'? They do some amazing tattoos and this programme gave me the incentive get mine done after lots of deliberating. I may ask Huzz to try and get a good photo to show you when he's back home.

  8. lovely and interesting! thanks for sharing a little more about you!

  9. Love to see that tattoo, and to get the name of the parlor if I may. I live in Portland OR and have been playing with the idea of getting one for quite some time.

  10. Love this! I too hate being late! If we're going to be late for church, I'd rather not even go. My dad used to tell me your.. 'You're on time when your 15 minutes early' I live by that rule.

  11. thanks for sharing your 7. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo too.
    I love your hibiscus flowers - so beautiful. they remind me of home.

  12. Thanks for sharing..tatoo:) I have been playing with the idea for about last 15 years....and white sheets! I love that as well, and I think I could do with white towels every day as well:)

  13. I love your list.I'm thinking you like Hibiscus flowers very very much. ;0)

  14. Angie - Hi there. My tattoo was done at Tigerlilly. Here's the link: - Lucky old you living in Portland - I think of this city every day.

  15. Thanks, Victoria. I will check them out.


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