Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cotton and music, a great combination

Not sure if anyone in Europe will have seen or heard of the campaign by 'America's Cotton Producers and Importers' to remind us all of what a great fabric cotton is and how much we use it in our daily lives.  The campaign is called "The Fabric of Our Lives".  The website has great advice about how to care for cotton, trends, styles, home decorating etc.

The campaign has produced a number of commercials featuring prominent (mostly) female singers all recording their version of "The Fabric of Our Lives".  One of my favourite singers right now, Zoey Deschanel (of She & Him), features in one from 2009.  I love the summery, indie style of her singing and her look.

And I've just seen that Colbie Caillat (another lovely singer who's voice and songs make me think of summer days, beaches and sunshine) and Leona Lewis (X Factor winner) have also made recordings.

Are you humming along yet?


  1. I'm humming and all summery...thanks for sharing

  2. isn't zooey's hair lovely?

  3. Gotta love Zooey Deschanel. And I think I want her surname!

  4. Loved Zooey Deschanel in Elf with Will Ferrell. She seems to be able to change her appearance more than most actresses.

    I have a friend of a friend called 100% cotton because she would only let her kids wear cotton.

  5. hi there, i'm finally making my rounds of my fave blogs, been missing for a long time :)
    isn't Zoey adorable :) love her too

  6. Yes, I am humming. They are adorable! Happy weekend, Victoria.


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