Monday, 17 May 2010

Gone fishing

Not me.  I'm not into fishing at all.  Are you?

If I were though, doesn't this look the most relaxing way to get the catch of the day?  Standing in the warm sea at 7am on a Friday morning.  So much better than standing on a muddy old river bank with a bucket of maggots for company don't you think?

Naples, Florida - 7am

A great view, especially when you see dolphins swimming around below too.

These pelicans sitting nearby don't miss a trick.  With their beady eyes they swoop down and cruise along the surf ready to scoop up any unsuspecting fish passing by.

My favourite fishing pier at Anna Maria Island, Florida

One other fishy highlight from our trip was seeing a baby hammerhead shark.  I'm not sure if it was caught or washed ashore - but it was quite calm and unhurt.  Luca (always up for doing something brave) got to stroke the shark's tail before a couple of men carefully guided it back out to sea to swim away again.

Our last night in Florida was spent in Naples.  Huzz was up at 6.30am Friday morning to take photographs of the sunrise and early morning fishing action at the beach.  We joined him a few hours later on Naples Pier watching people fishing and even more spectacularly the dolphins swimming contentedly around the pier, not being fed, disturbed or bothered by anyone.  It was just wonderful.  A great way to finish our vacation off.

Now back to 'normality' in NL.


  1. I can sort of see the appeal of fishing - tranquility, solitude, communing with nature - but not enough to go and do it.

    Great photos by the way. Glad you had a great time. It looks lovely.

  2. Oh wow, so much marine life what a wonderful way to end your holiday. The children must have loved every moment. So glad you had a great time x

  3. Oh my gosh, what great photos! Looks like an amazing day!

  4. Nice way to finish. I hope you don't mind leaving too much.

  5. Oh, I'm dying for some sand! Great shots!


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