Friday, 11 June 2010

Come on England v Hup Holland Hup!


World Cup Fever is upon us.  Orange flags, bunting and balloons decorate millions of dutch homes.  And then there's World Cup attire - orange t-shirts, hats, dresses, boas, glasses, wigs etc.   The supermarket has orange chocolates, cakes and drinks ready for all that eating to be done during the match, or the penalty shoot out.  And yes, I did succumb to the chocolates!  Orange flowers, table cloths, trays, bowls and plates for the home.  Ikea had orange candles on display alongside footballs today.  If you could see the Netherlands from above right now, it would surely have an orange glow.  I love it.

Ikea and a local shop.
Luca's school entrance.

My Luca is British (as are both Huzz and I), but has never lived in the UK.  He was born in NL and has spent 5 years out of his 7 here (2 in the US).   Although his upbrining is British at home, his life is more Dutch and he says he is Dutch.  When asked which team he would support, there was not even a nano-second of thought behind his reply of "Holland of course".  His room now has orange bunting everywhere.  He has a new orange t-shirt.  Apparently at school they will be allowed to watch the NL matches (if its in school time).  He's already singing 'Hup Holland Hup' and telling me they are already in the final because his teacher told him so.  There was no telling him that we don't know who will play in the final yet (his teacher can say or do no wrong in his eyes).

Huzz and I of course will be supporting England and we'll be waving our one George Cross flag between us. Of course, should England not be in the final  ;-) ! and NL are, then we shall don our best orange clothes and support our 'adopted' country instead.

How about you?  What teams will you be supporting if you have an 'international' household?


  1. I'm kinda sad that none of my neighbours will be putting out there yellow & red Spanish bunting but hey ho at least they might cheer England on instead.

  2. My husband is cheering England on, and he isn't even British. Haha. Happy watching!

  3. i thought spain was going to be in the final;););)

  4. Máxico! but also, i like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal.. wait... i just like footbal! and those days will be crazy here!

  5. I'm so glad the World Cup is a non-issue at our house. The only thing I do is complain because it's on too many channels. We might feel slightly differently if Belgium or Scotland were playing. Maybe slightly.

  6. We have a Hup Holland scarf and a little ball courtesy of our last visit to NL, which was around the time of the World Cup. NL is always the 'second' team in this house.

  7. We of course are rooting for the USA, but we also cheer for Germany (my husbands mother is German and he lived there for part of his childhood). :)

  8. We are an evenly split household: Aussie hubbie and oldest daughter support Australia and younger daughter and I support England. Although as the girls were born in Belgium, they would support them if they were playing. At least as expats we have such a variety of nationalities as friends that someone is bound to be a winner!!


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