Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Corner View 'Bliss'

Bliss can be many things.

Warm sun on my skin.
Blue skies and sandy beaches.
Cuddles and tickles from the kiddos.
Nothing listed in my agenda for a day.
Lying on the sofa snuggled up with Huzz watching a movie.
Laughter of the happy kiddos.
A big glass of red wine of wintery evening with a blazing fire and candles around.
A cold beer on a hot day.
Lying in lovely crispy bedlinen after a long relaxing bath.
Huzz home again from another trip and the family together again.

Small things.

All blissful in their own way.

If I could stroll down this path and over the bridge onto the beautiful beach the other side, that would be my kind of bliss today.

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  1. lovely blissful list... that beach is looking awfully good right now:)

  2. i love list! and yours is perfect for the end of the day. just reading it made me smile peacefully.
    thank you :)

  3. what a happy list! love those small things too!

  4. Ooo- bliss indeed. I suddenly want to go over that bridge too. :0)

  5. I don't drink red wine (shame for a French LOL) but I'll take the cold beer ; ) I love your kind of bliss !

  6. yes it looks wonderful...
    happy bliss-full days to you!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Visit us here in Florida for that beach scene... it looks like the Gulf coast, where I live. (The beach almost makes up for the hot summers here.)

    I like your list of blissful things.

  8. How about chilled red wine on a hot summer evening? Try it!

  9. this is beautiful and it reminds me of a place i must visit with my children again this summer.


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