Thursday, 26 August 2010

new storage

At last, I finally collected my order of Jamie Oliver glass storage jars with pretty ceramic lids that had been waiting for me in the UK since April.  I'm more than a little happy to see my pasta, rice, tea, coffee, sugar etc looking their best on the kitchen shelf.



  1. Girl after my own heart - just lovely!!! Leanne x

  2. now i want some...
    p.s. hi victoria! hope you had a great summer! :)

  3. Very pretty. There's a Jamie Oliver shop selling all the stuff about 200 yards from my house. Too tempting! Lovely tea towels, ceramics and candles, chopping boards. These are very springlike. How did you get them home though? Hope they were okay in the hold!

  4. deer baby - No problems, we were in the car - although it was still a squeeze getting all our stuff in (I must get this minimal holiday packing sorted out!).


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