Tuesday, 26 October 2010

wardrobe wishes

I'd love these items to magically appear in my wardrobe for winter.

Kate Spade Jeans - the pink stitching is sooo nice.

This hat - although it wouldn't suit me at all.  Still love it.
image via Forty Not Out

This Trench coat from Prego in Dusseldorf.

Love the blue of this top

And the 70s vibe of this cool leather jacket.

Do you have any wish list items you'd like a very stylish fairy godmother to magically add to your wardrobe for the coming months?


  1. Hmm. I'd love to magically be able to wear the Kate Spade jeans with that much aplomb! They would look rather different on me. And as for that enormous pom-pom...

  2. Thanks for visiting Victoria ... and for your kind words.
    I LOVE anything winter. Being able to cozy up, especially if it's cute too .. well, that's my favorite!

  3. I wish I was skinny enough to wear all of these. I just bought a pair of skinny black jeans from Ann Taylor Loft and love them.

  4. LOVE the jeans and that green top! So cute!

  5. Love the shirt, love the jacket, LOVE the hat. You should make sure you get that hat. : )

  6. The hat is my favorite. If I'd be a good enough knitter, I'd knit myself one. AND... YOU can too get away with wearing it.


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