Monday, 8 November 2010

weekend watch

Goodness, I can hardly believe that 7 whole days have passed since I last managed to update the blog!  Shame on me!  I've missed catching up with you all and posting but there just hasn't been time.

Since last Sunday, I've spent 2 days / 1 night in Scotland with my mum.  A very brief visit unfortunately, but I hope to be back for longer over the coming months.  And we've had my bro and sister in-law and niece visiting us for 4 days.  Of course that goes without saying that planning for visitors requires a bit of a house cleaning spree beforehand (rooms that had gradually turned into dumping grounds needed some serious sorting out), stocking the fridge and cupboards with all kinds of treats and ingredients for our favourite meals.  Also I managed to sort out their Christmas pressies early so they could take them home (and save a small fortune on international shipping costs).  Wheeewwwww!

A lovely time was had by all.  Walks in the park and feeding ducks (girls aged 2 and 3 love this don't they), swimming, movie watching (An Education and The Hangover - both excellent) and plently of Playstation playing (Huzz, bro-in-law and Luca) were all squeezed in.  And the best of all, a fabulous dinner in celebration of my bro-in-law's recent 60th birthday (and 11 years since Huzz and I had our first date) at our very favourite French restaurant Claire.   The food was out of this world and the 60th was celebrated and enjoyed in style.

The house is now quiet.  Ruby is sleeping and I'm catching up.  Nice.

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Its good to be back blogging again.

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