Monday, 17 January 2011

the american

I watched 'The American' on the flight home from Singapore.  And I bought the dvd yesterday.  A great film, and not just because you can watch George Clooney (looking more gorgeous than ever I do believe) for 105 mins!

Direction is by the Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn (he has taken photographs of the bands U2 and REM and filmed music videos for Nirvana, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and very recently photographed the G-Star Raw campaign starring Liv Tyler - and much much more I'm sure). The filming, much of which is set in an Italian village, is wonderful.

The film has little dialogue (and some of that is Italian), but the excellent understated acting, non-action type thriller that it is, is filled with suspense and anticipation.  It's a little on the art-house movie style, and not to everyone's liking, but if you fancy trying something non-blockbuster style, I'd highly recommend it.  The close-ups of George (he who doesn't need a surname these days!) aren't bad either!

I won't spoil the plot for you if you haven't seen it (I've been told off for that before!).  But if you have seen it ... what did you think?


  1. Hi Victoria, I just discovered your blog via Pink Patent Mary Jane's. Love this post of yours as I'm a huge George fan. I saw this movie on my flight back to Munich from Oz, but missed the end...ugh, can you believe it, how can I miss the end with so much time on one flight! So with my hubbie off on travels with work this week (he's not a George fan) I can't wait to sit down and watch it again (with ending this time). What I saw of it on the flight I absolutely loved. The little dialogue, other than making Mr Clooney look even more gorgeous, certainly added to the suspense!

    Looking forward to reading your blog, I'm like the sound of friendly chatter about daily life. Sounds good to me : ) Alison

  2. I LOVED IT!!!!! Don't know many people who have seen it though so am so glad to read what you wrote :)

    It wasn't what I expected - as often happens, the trailer made it seem much more action packed than it actually was. But I thought George was really good in it.....he is so gorgeous that I think his acting ability gets overlooked sometimes. I thought he played it brilliantly - lots of shots of him looking anguished!! He was very believable. I spent a lot of the film feeling quite tense waiting for something to happen!! Loved the location - it's very similar to where my in-laws are from in worked perfectly with the film didn't it.

    Good ending too....

    I liked him in the movie recently where he was a travelling salesman.....can't remember what it was called....another great performance by him.

    Hope you are settling back in everyday life after Singapore. You must go and see "The King's Speech"'s SO good!!

    Have a lovely day :)

  3. i ( and my husband) really enjoyed it!

    we've only been on about 4 movie-dates in 12 months since elsa was born and this was one of them. i loved the pace and the cinematography. it was so beautiful. had everything i love about european films.

    on coming out of the multiplex we saw it in i did hear some moaning. people had obviously gone in thinking it would be some action packed american film. i'm glad it wasn't!

    we have a treat and a babysitter for thursday eve so another trip to the pictures for us. not sure what to see?

    (great poster for the film too)

    p.s. did you see corbijn's first film...control? another great movie. x

  4. i am about to go watch it right now!!!

  5. I'm way behind on movies. But I love George Clooney. I'll have to rent this one.

  6. We're actually compiling our list of DVDs to watch this year and this one looks like it's a 'must see' for Cpt. V and [well mostly] me!

    x Felicity

  7. Ah! I just saw it a couple days ago. It was great, wasn't it?

    Love George Clooney!



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