Wednesday, 6 April 2011

royal wedding memories

Not long until their Big Day now.

Prince William and Kate Middleton - Friday 29th April.

It all brings back memories of my attendance at Charles & Diana's wedding day - 29th July 1981.  Well, not quite an official invitation!

My mum, sister and I (I was 14 years old), together with a neighbour (and millions of others of course!), camped out the night before the 'fairytale' royal wedding, direclty oppostite Charing Cross Station in London.  A night of no sleep at all.  Walking down The Mall at 2am.  Amazing crowds, flag waving, whistle blowing, horn tooting fun.  Music, dancing, joy and anticipation.  Cheering and waving our flags until our arms ached!  The memories of that night are actually more vivid than the big event itself.  Of course, all those carriages and official cars filled with royal families from around the world passed by us, the bride and groom, bands, horses, guards etc - but I don't recall much of that. Just the cheering and waving really!

Paper chairs from Cox & Cox

As a Brit living aboard, I won't get quite the same amount of wedding coverage or enthusiasm as my fellow Brits back home, but I will have the TV on throughout the day on 29th April.  Waiting to see 'the dress' (such a BIG part of any wedding), and a friend is hosting a 'royal tea-party' for our Mums & Tots group.  Everyone loves a wedding (don't they?), no matter whose it may be.

I'm curious.  Are you interested in Prince William's wedding if you aren't from the UK?

Will you be watching, cheering, attending a street party or raising a glass etc to William and Kate?  

Do tell.


  1. i remember watching the charles and di wedding on TV. i was six!

  2. Gosh - you actually went. Wow. I think you're the first person I know who was there. Well, sort of know!

    I watched it on TV. I was about the same age as you. We had our French exchange student staying with us who I didn't like at all.

    I'll be watching this one a bit - out of one eye. Not massively interested but want to see the ceremony.

    (P.S. My friend is Cox of Cox and Cox!)

  3. I AM interested, but I think it will be a normal working/school day over here, so I'll be watching it on my own. How bad is that? Maybe I will need to see if my sister can join me.

  4. I remember seeing the wedding when i was a little girl on the tv. I was in full amazement.

  5. Mia is obsessed with all things Prince and Princess related, and the royal wedding is no exception. We are having a Prince and Princess party and inviting our friends and anyone who wants to dress up royally (adults included!!) can. I might dress up as a pearly queen (does that count?!!). We have already purchased lots of bunting, table covers, etc., ready for the big day. Remember watching the original big wedding on TV, I think I was maybe 5 or 6?

  6. I'll be watching, I can't wait to see the first glimpse of the wedding dress :) I think they make a lovely couple, they seem so well suited....and I think Princes William and Harry are just lovely.

    There doesn't seem to be quite as much excitement in the UK as previous Royal weddings - but people are quite happy to have a day's holiday :)

    I went to the fireworks in Hyde Park the night before Charles & Diana's wedding, I can really remember the excitement of that and the wedding the next day very clearly.

    Enjoy :)

  7. Thanks for Following - I am loving the Union Jack Paper Chain!!!... may have to make some to go with my bunting!!!
    I was quite a little tacker with Charles & Di, but clearly remember watching it - we even had a public holiday 'down under' for it... but this time around I plan on making this one big! even though I'm not hugely into the Royal Family - anything for a party I say!
    Just updated more on our plans over at

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