Monday, 23 May 2011


We've driven past the Airstream Ranch many-a-time.  This time we stopped to get some long overdue photographs.  Not only are there these old Airstreams, half buried in the ground, and an 'Airstream Village' of lovely used ones, but they also sell brand new shiny Airstreams too.  If I had a 'caravan' of any type it would have to be one of these.

Unfortunately, the usual gorgeous Florida blue skies were missing at the time and the biggest storm was rolling in and pelted us for the next hour as we drove back to Orlando airport for our (delayed by 4 hours) flight home.  Anyhow, photographs were made and that was a great end to the vacation.


  1. Great shots Victoria! I have read often that Airstreams have a huge following.
    Looks like fun!

    Jeanne xx

  2. Wow - they are fabulous. I can see them being used in Doctor Who or something.

    There is a site on the Isle of Wight that has several. They feature in so many magazine shoots they must be raking it in. I read Kate Moss had hired a whole fleet of them for her hen do.

    I'd love to stay in one of those. Preferably one not sticking out of the ground at right angles though!

  3. What incredible place! I like your pictures. I always liked these old american caravans.


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