Thursday, 19 May 2011

breakfast, home & away

Breakfast at our house is either toast with butter and Marmite, a bowl of breakfast cereal or fruit and yoghurt, followed by a cup of Yorkshire tea or Illy coffee.

However, these past couple of weeks we've been having a little vacation indulgence! There have been a lot of breakfast trips to our favourite donut and coffee shop - Lighthouse Donuts. Luca and my favourite is the maple glazed.  Ruby loves the chocolate glaze with sprinkles.  Huzz goes for a breakfast bagel - filled with egg, bacon and cheese. Yum!

All my pre-vacation fitness classes and cutting back on the calories now need to be trebled!!

Do you have a favourite glaze on your donut?  


  1. I'm with Huzz, a good bagel with cheese, egg and bacon, YUM!! I prefer my doughnuts at night in front of the TV :)

  2. My favourite donut is just the plain ole Krispy Kreme donut - yummy. Pat xx

  3. Oooo Donuts. My husband made them once and they were amazing.
    I like anything on my donuts!

  4. I love bagels in the morning, but won't turn away a maple glazed donut. I love donuts, but rarely eat them because they are so loaded with sugar.

  5. Hi Victoria.. Sugar donuts are my favourite, warm..just out of the oven. glazed crullers are another I find hard to pass up. Love the shot of Luca...I am very jealous :)
    Best wishes for a lovely weekend....
    Jeanne xx


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