Friday, 13 May 2011

corner view 'motion'

Not the easiest of subjects for CV this week.  Capturing somebody / something in motion can often end up blurred and unidentifiable (for me anyway!).  So I asked my Huzz to take some shots of the amazing herons at the beach where we are staying.  Such big birds, but so graceful and elegant in flight.

Thanks to Cole for this weeks CV theme.  To view more Corner View motion blogs around the world, stop by Francessca.

PS - Blogger deleted the original of this post and all 250 comments (actually make that 6 comments)!  So this is my 2nd time of posting CV this week.  So, I hope this stays put!


  1. beautiful birds, beautiful pictures!
    Your h. has done good work ;-)

  2. I think you have catch him well so in the sky and for such a grand bird! It was his day of....that he was at the beach?!! ;-)

  3. Ooh, these are great!
    I love herons, and to watch them still and in movement, but have yet to get such a strong photo of them. So cool that you see them at the beach. We see them here at the rivers and in the rice fields.
    Happy week to you,

  4. I absolutely adore herons. Good job!

  5. Time to head to the beach . . .

  6. wow, your husband did good!
    i LOVE a graceful heron for its stride, less for its thievery... ;)

  7. Hey
    Don't you just hate losing comments? I lost mine too.

    Anyway - I like the pictures but I mainly think it's funny you gave your husband the orders to take them. That cracks me up.

  8. Great shots. They are such elegant birds.

  9. Tell Huzz congratulations - what brilliant shots. How DO you stop the blur?? Maybe he could give us amateurs some online photography tips??!

  10. Great shots - very hard to capture something in flight I think. As Theresa says, they are such elegant birds.


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