Friday, 24 June 2011

summer, what summer?

June 21st came and went.  Looks like the sunshine did too!  Those glorious days we had back in April / May seem a distant memory already, as the weather here in NL has been rain rain and more rain. I've been soaked to the skin, with rain dripping from my hair, 3 times this week whilst doing the school pick up on my bike.  Seeking shelter under trees, in church doorways and then peddling as fast as we could home.  No stopping at the icecream parlour after school like we usually do a few times each week - brrrrrr!  Instead the kiddos have been drinking hot chocolate drinks as soon as we've arrived home from school - hot chocolate!  Its June!

Anyhow, rumour has it that the sunshine will reappear at the weekend, and specifically on Sunday in time for the Huzz's b-day.  So maybe a bbq and a few glasses of chilled prosecco will be enjoyed in celebration, and the bunting won't be dripping on our heads!

Wishing you a very happy and (hopefully sunny) weekend wherever you are.


  1. Yes, plan for sun on Sunday! For the record, it was rainy and snowy here just this past Monday. I had a hot chocolate too. Luckily it has turned, and it will for you too. Have a beautiful weekend, Victoria! Stay dry ;)

  2. Hilarious the weather here is rubbish as well - summer what summer indeed :)
    A xx

  3. ... and we're shivering again!


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