Monday, 3 October 2011

27 degrees and new gloves!

How much have we been enjoying this gorgeous sunshine this past week here in NL? Temperatures reaching 27 degrees and everyone delighted to be wearing their summer clothing for a few more days.

Still, it didn't stop me spying these gorgeous yellow / mustard leather gloves in In Wear at the weekend.  I tried them on.  Left the shop and walked around town a little.  Then started thinking... What if they sold out in that colour?  What if I couldn't get them when the temperature had dropped to a chilly 12 degrees?  I thought of what my mum used to say "Don't hesitate .... if you like it, buy it."  So I hot footed it back to In Wear and within a few minutes they were mine and are now waiting patiently to be worn when the real autumn weather arrrives.

I have visions of sitting outside a lovely cafe on a chilly morning.  Hands clad in my gorgeous new gloves, holding a steaming hot chocolate or coffee.  Now I'm ready for autumn!  But still hoping these hot days will last a little longer!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Welcome to the new week.


  1. I'm totally smitten with them too Victoria and am so pleased that you scooted back to get them...I'm sure they will bring and many who admire them lots of sunshiney moments as the teimps start to drop.

    Waving and smiling from across the seas,
    Felicity x

  2. I love those gloves! The color is spectacular. I too would be imagining myself wearing sitting at the cafe, wrapped around a nice cup of coffee. I would totally show them off! Nice choice!

  3. Woah! Talk about a pop of colour. They would definiely cheer up a dreary winter day.

  4. Oooh, nice. I am now craving a bit of a chill. I want hot soup and steaming hot chocolate to dip my brioche into. Come on, Autumn!

  5. I love yellow! Gorgeous! We had Summer weather over this weekend too and I love this kind of weather in Autumn... Feels like Summer is back.


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