Tuesday, 18 October 2011

my wedding cakes & other gorgeous creations

At our wedding we had 120 individually made vanilla sponge cakes, each covered in white fondant icing, with a white and yellow fondant daisy on the top of each cake.  They looked great and tasted wonderful, so I'm told, as amongst all the joy and celebration, I didn't get to try one!  No, not one!  And, this is the only photograph I have of them!  Obviously the photographer was having too much of a good time and forgot the cakes!

I love these flower cakes.  So elegant and beautiful.  I'd be hard pressed to choose which one if I were to have my wedding again (to the same Huzz of course!).


  1. They are just to pretty to eat Victoria...but saying that, the frosting is the best part..:)

    Jeanne xx

  2. Gorgeous! What an awesome idea for a wedding cake.

  3. Your wedding cake is so fabulous! Those flower cakes are very much my wedding dress. :)

  4. So sweet - I would have loved a piece of that :-)


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