Wednesday, 16 November 2011

all that glitters

I'm spending far too much time browsing Pinterest and pinning all things sparkly to my board.  Obviously the festive spirit is already creeping in!  My favourites in the wardrobe department so far are...

sparkle A great look.

Love this dress

Party shoes Sparkling clutch.

 Twinke Twinkle!


  1. Hello! Gorgeous images - am in love with that clutch bag. Now we just need a big ole Christmas party to go to; I read in the paper that there are none to attend as companies are cutting back. Bah humbug. No chance to wear the sparkles! Lou x

  2. Not everyone likes to wear the fancy holiday sweaters and colors to celebrate the holidays. A great way to incorporate the holidays with your wardrobe is to wear one of many holiday pins to show your enthusiasm for the season!

  3. Love these! Nothing better than a little sparkle!

  4. I like all your sparkle. Love Swarovski below too!

  5. i love all this sparkle for the holiday season!

  6. Love that glittery clutch! Am way into sparkle this season!

  7. oh pinterest! I love sparkles and gold as well at the moment:)


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