Friday, 13 January 2012

rock pooling and a haystack

What child doesn't like paddling around in rockpools?  Looking for crabs, shrimps and fish. Watching the anenomes waving their arms.  Searching for shells.  Finding gorgeous starfish with big fat legs in red, green and bluey colours.

My kiddos, stripped back to their swim shorts and bikin bottoms in January on the Pacific NW (I know, it makes me shiver thinking about it), spent hours paddling around in rockpools, carching shrimp and gently (kind of) poking anenomes, on Sunday afternoon.  And yes, their feet were blue by the end of it!

With skies the brightest blue and sunshine the whole day (although still very chilly) we headed to one of our favourite beaches -  Cannon Beach.  This gorgeous coastline is just 1 hr 20 mins drive from our new home.  The journey is also a huge part of the enjoyment in heading to the coast as you pass through such beautiful landscapes - farms, orchards and then dense forest, all the way to the coast.  And there in the ocean waiting to greet you, sits the magnificent Haystack Rock, along with a long wide stretch of fine pale gold sand.

Oh how I would love live in one of these beach view homes.  To wake up each morning with such a beautiful view.  Brisk walks on the beach.  A dip in the ocean (when it was just a bit warmer of course), and sitting watching the weather roll in from far out in the Pacific.  Dream Dream!


  1. Now that's a beach! So beautiful.

  2. Heaven. What a day. Wow, that is beautiful.

  3. Hurray! I love Cannon Beach, that's where we got engaged in September! Super nostalgic warm fuzzies over this place.

    Glad to see you had such a fun time.

  4. I can't believe your children have bathing suits on in jan. brrr! Love cannon beach ! It is my favorite beach.

  5. Hi from the past..... I just checked in on you and you've moved to the US! Lordy-Lou.

    Gosh, I can see what you mean about the beach houses - stunning. The weather here in Blighty has been mild too, but I don't fancy our chances at our nearest coast - Aberystwyth!

  6. Cannon Beach looks as beautiful as ever - even though its winter it looks just like the September day when we visited all those years ago. Pat x


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