Monday, 30 January 2012

this weekend we

watched two great movies.

'Beginners' with Christopher Plummer and Ewan McGregor and Melanie Laurent.  A 30 something man whose world is rocked by his widowed father announcing he has terminal cancer and that he also has a young male boyfriend. He meets the wonderful and unpredictable Anna just months after his father has died.  I enjoyed this movie so much.  It shows how funny life can be, even at the most despairing and saddening times.   Oh and there is a fantastic dog named Arthur too.

Congratulations to Christopher Plummer who just won a SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role for this movie.

'Sideways' is about two middle aged men adventuring on a weeklong road trip through the California wine region.  Disappointed with their lives, one depressed the other out for a wild time before his impending marriage.  Funny, sad and brilliantly acted. An excellent movie staring Paul Giamatti.

These are both so my kind of movies.   Any recommendations from you?

We also had another day trip to the coast on Saturday on yet another blue sky and sunshine day! So lucky in January. This time to Pacific City - with lunch at the great Pelican Brewery right at the beach.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend.


  1. Yep - those are my kind of movies too. Loved Sideways. Haven't seen Beginners yet - my husband keeps vetoing it. Gonna have to wait for him to go out of town again...

  2. i loved both of these. :) i just saw ensemble c´set tout with audrey tautou (again) check it out. it´s a sweet "small" film. :)

  3. I am a late bloomer here Victoria...I just realised you moved! I seem to recall something in the wind on that one last year. I see you were jumping around in your mind to various potential locations as well...I hope you are happy and feeling settled. What a great spot to call home...even for a while. I would love to know what you think of living in the USA...have you lived there before?

    Back to the Christopher Plummer...he has that twinkle in his eye that is hard to resist. I am keen to see this movie. Of course...who doesn't love Ewan McGregor! I will see him in anything!

    I saw Sideways a while back, wasn't sure of it back then, but have since become a keen admirer of Paul Giamatti after seeing him in John Adams...something you might enjoy if you are interested in American history.
    I am trying to get thru the Academy Award nominations....enjoyed The is in a tie with The Help.

    Best wishes Victoria..:)
    Jeanne xx

  4. saw Drive yesterday and loved it, anyway I love anything with Ryan Gosling:)

  5. I LOVED Beginners, just watched it last night! What a great film! Happy Friday!


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