Friday, 23 March 2012

spring pickings

We haven 't quite got a spring in our step yet, but it doesn't stop me starting a wish list of things to add to my wardrobe to brighten up any day.

New Converse in sunshine yellow are top of my list (and just ordered online!)

 yellow converse...

This great green tunic from Gap.

This multi-coloured tunic from Boden.

A little apple print crewneck from JCrew.

Ruby's has been browsing too "I want something more pretty" was her comment
when I'd chosen something she felt wasn't pretty enough!

This very cute Boden swimsuit and
towelling beach dress will now be added to her wardrobe.
She's starting swimming lessons next week so we'll be prepared.  Cute eh.

Wishing you a bright spring like weekend ahead. Hope its a good one.


  1. Great choices! At last we are getting some lovely weather over here!! Have a good weekend:)

  2. Haha. I was thinking yesterday how I would like myself a pair of sunny converse. Great minds... ;-)

  3. Great minds think alike. I just ordered mine in yellow. It's all about yellow this season. good tip on the Bodem dress am tempted!

  4. I need some new Converse and think yellow might be just the thing!

    I miss those days of my daughter wearing Mini Boden, I love their bright colourful patterns :)


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