Monday, 9 April 2012

easter at the beach

We lucked out once again at the beach.  Sunday morning chocolate egg hunt at home done, then we hit the road and headed over to the coast as we all love to do.  We really do need to live by the coast one day. Another gorgeous blue sky sunny day - far far warmer than expected so we have a few red noses around today!

The Huzz and Luca spent hours playing frisbee and a do-it-yourself Boules game with rocks found in the sand.  Ruby was just happy digging in the sand, collecting driftwood and playing.

And we collected all this wood and made this lovely sun design.

Hope you had a great weekend and didn't over do it on the chocolate eggs!


  1. Looks like ye had a fantastic time at the beach! I would love a holiday now:)

  2. I'm having serious chocolate withdrawal...looks like your weekend was a success! x LondonZest

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter together. It beats the horrid grey here. Miss you x


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