Tuesday, 1 May 2012

pretty bowls

My kitchen cupboards are bursting at the seams with white crockery in them, but these gorgeous patterned bowls keep calling me back time and time again.  These pretty colours and patterns are perfect to perk up any morning breakfast cereal, and a few might find there way into my collection.

(bummer, missed these heart ones for Valentine's Day)


  1. Really nice and "sweet" collection...

  2. I've been eyeing those Anthro bowls for years. When my kitchen is finally done (this year!), I am definitely splurging on a few. So pretty!

  3. I have been seeing more and more of these types of bowls and just love them. The uses are endless...

    I also wanted to say how desperate I feel for Nyati's family. I passed the news on via Facebook. I hope they have heard something by now. Your heart just breaks for them.

    Best wishes Victoria...

    Jeanne xx


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