Wednesday, 13 June 2012

corner view 'animal'

Thank you Dana for the first of a 3 week CV theme - Animal, Vegetable, Mineral.

Sunday morning we spent a couple of hours at the Oregon Zoo.  We have an annual family membership which is great to pop in anytime we feel like and visit specific areas and animals, rather than trying to see everything at once.  My kiddos love to see the penguins, the wild pigs and the bats!

The first animal you come across is this fabulous moutain goat.  Look at that fur coat - how thick and soft it looks.

There were also two very majestic lions lazing around - rarely do you see them do much more!

I have mixed feelings about zoos - they provide an opportunity for us to view and study wonderful animals we ordinarily would never come across, and prevent many from becoming extinct.  However,  its heartbreaking to see the some of the larger animals going slowly out of their minds with boredom in environments so alien to their natural habitat - the polar bears, elephants and brown bears always seem the most affected.

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  1. I love zoo's but I feel the same way. especially when I see such large animals. I love the goat picture - I saw one crossing the road the other day.

  2. yes, the studying bit i find romantic even.
    i could picture myself trying to do a sketch or two, at the zoo, or look at others doing sketches, and get involved in a long, long chat...

  3. there are such goats too, in the (very old and dusty) Parisian zoo but no lions (fortunately!!) I entirely agree with you about zoos… and I feel like crying when I watch apes…
    warm greetings from Paris!

  4. I have mixed feelings about zoos as well. I never can fully relax and enjoy the place, I always think about all those caged animals...

    Lovely photos!

  5. It's true, zoos give us varied impressions: good and (or) bad. But we can not remain indifferent.

  6. i have mixed feelings too ... love your photo of the mountain goat though. They don't look like that around here (where they live in the wild)

  7. I just caught up on your previous posts, looks like you are settling really well and kids enjoying it as well. I think we might do some camping this year as well.x

  8. I think this must be the zoo that mum, Carol and I took Luca to when he was about 3 years old, when we went on the train. It was a great day out I remember. Pat x

  9. Great pics esp of the goat. I like his face and those expressive eyes. The cats look bored and nonchalant.
    I have mixed feelings too. I like our nearby "The Wilds" where they allow the animals to roam in a natural habitat. There are fences but they have several breeds mimgling together and with 4,000 acres, there is a lot of space. There is just one type of cat and they are kept separated from the rest, of course. It is an environmentally friendly set-up--also protective for those species close to extinction. You see them from two types of buses: open or closed. We took the grandkids on the open one last Aug.--it was a wonderful and educational experience.

  10. I think what you have and a divided opinion about zoos.

  11. I love that zoo; espcially the summer time concerts!

  12. Very few zoos really cater to the needs of the animals, I agree. Still, I love zoos, I have to admit...


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