Monday, 30 July 2012

lipstick day

Did you know yesterday, 29th July, was National Lipstick Day?  Me neither!  Anyhow, every day is lipstick day for me, so I didn't miss out.

My all time favourite lipstick was MAC's Fresco.  A soft rose colour, that made my lips just a little darker than their normal colour. Perfect.   I've tried more deeper red tones but find those colours look to 'obvious' for my liking - although I do love the look on other women.  I wore Fresco for years and even on my wedding day.  But back in 2007 it was discontinued.  Nooooooo!  Luckily I had an extra one hidden away but that didn't last beyond another few months and then Fresco was no more.
And so after trying out a few more different colours, I eventually found another that was to become a staple in my make-up bag.  Beach Coral by Clinique.  I'm pretty much a creature of habit (apart from a BIG shake up every few years - like moving continents!!), and so Beach Coral (like Fresco) stayed with me for 4 years or so.  And now much to my horror whilst out shopping for a replacement recently I found that it is no longer available.  And its not even available on the Estee Lauder 'GoneButNotForgotton' website.  Whaaaat!!!   So once again I'm sampling new shades to find a future favourite.

When I do find it, I should probably stock up on a lifetime's supply shouldn't I?!

Do you have a favourite brand or shade?


  1. I was liking that Clinique one so gutted when I read they had discontinued! I change all the time and don't have one particular favourite.

  2. No, I didn't know & that first photo is great. I'm not a big lipstick wearer, I prefer a tinted balm myself but then I'm quite low-maintenance when it comes to makeup.

  3. I love buying lipsticks but never seem to wear them. After a few years, they end up pretty much unused in the bin :-(
    Lip gloss though really works for me. There is a new one by Clarins - smell is divine and it doesn't dry the lips out.

  4. i dont wear lipstick... i might put on some gloss for a special occasion but that is about it.

    btw i am hosting a giveaway ... would love for you to join in.

  5. I hate when I fall in love with a lipstick and then they discontinue it. I have been wearing more lipgloss these days than lipstick.

  6. MAC has great lipstick colors, don't they. I recently bought Lady Danger, a vibrant orange-red matte color.


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