Tuesday, 10 July 2012

the pace of summer

Week 4 of the 12 week summer vacation.  So far so good.
Actually, that's an understatement. 
The weather is fabulous and days are long, hot and not too full.
(Sorry to hear all our family and friends back in the UK are still waiting for summer to arrive)

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Luca has been at a sport camp for two weeks (one week slipped into two as he loved it so much - always a good sign) - basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming etc.  Phew!
Our daily schedule during those two weeks didn't change that much from school.

But now we've taken on a somewhat slower pace and without a doubt and it feels good.

Hours spent at the outdoor pool.
Ruby is almost swimming now.
(Arm bands are discarded and she refuses to even consider wearing them - a little frightening at times!).

I can't remember the last time I cooked a meal indoors - the bbq grilling has been full on
and eating outdoors the norm.  Love it!

We had a fun day out fishing with friends on Saturday and Luca caught some good size trout.
(20.5 inches he repeated approx 150 times that day).
We grilled with rosemary and lemon for Saturday dinner.  Yum!

Discovering new parks and splashing pools with new friends.

Long may these lazy hazy days of summer continue.

What's on your summer agenda?


  1. mmm....some summer sunshine would be nice....London is pretty wet at the mo!!

  2. Oh isn't Summer just fabulous!? Yours sounds lovely. I'm still working, so the weekday routine is still there unfortunately, but we've still managed to fill our evenings and weekends with a lot of fun and relaxation. Happy that there is a lot more Summer left to enjoy!

  3. Wish our days were long and hot, I can't wait to go to Spain in August, its been an absolute wash out here xx

  4. Sounds perfect, Victoria! It's good when they love camp and swimming. We're loving summer, trying to squeeze a lot out of it. This weekend will be lazy since we were traveling! We need a few low key days. Have a beautiful one!


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