Thursday, 30 August 2012

on Instagram (finally!)

So, I recently started using Instagram (yes I know I'm a bit slow - it took me yonks to join Facebook too!).

Anyhow, although I'm not a big user of my iPhone camera, I do love the filters that give Instagram photos so many different looks and feels (so many of them remind me of family photographs in the 70s.) .  Here's a little sample.....

Follow me if you like (@Hibiscusbloem), and please do let me know if you are also bitten by the Instagram bug and where I can find your creative eye.

Have a great Thursday. x


  1. Coool pictures! I am still an instagram virgin. It's just all getting a bit too much at the moment...

  2. Ooh, lovely pics. I'm off to find you now! (I'm thehouseofmilk if you want to find me too :)


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