Sunday, 2 September 2012

and then she was 4!

I know, how did that happen? She's 4!!!!!

 It feels like yesterday that she came into our world after such a long wait, and she made our family complete.

Here's a little trip down memory lane.  Oh how she has grown!

early 2009

1st birthday




Today we will celebrate with a Butterfly themed party at our house, with lots of little friends.  Can't wait to get the camera out and show you the photographs next week.

For now, we wish our darling Ruby - the life and soul of every party (even when it's not a party!) - a fabulous 4th birthday.  We love you Ruby. xxx

Previous birthday posts are here, here and here if you'd like to take a peek from the moment she was born through her toddler years!


  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter:)

  2. Finally managed to catch up with your blog. How lovely to see all the photos and catch up with your news. Looks like you're all having a fabulous life in Oregon - its hard to believe its almost a year since you left!
    Happy, happy Birthday to Ruby and love to you all
    Alka xxx

  3. My dear friend, still remember the phonecall I got at the 1st of september 4 years ago. Great moments we shared .....
    She's adorabele, enjoy the party and have à bottle of champagne afterwards!!!
    Love Marloes

  4. Happy Birthday Ruby. I miss seeing her growing up. If Ruby lived here, she'd be off to school now. So what is happening with her education in USA?
    Sounds like you have quickly settled in Victoria.
    Love Ann

  5. Happy Birthday Ruby - still as cute as a button - wow a year nearly since you've been gone - we miss you!!!

    lots of love
    Helen xx

  6. What a beautiful girl! Congrats and happy birthday, Ruby!

  7. Just found your blog! You have a gorgeous little girl, happy birthday to Ruby!

    love from Belgium,



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