Wednesday, 19 September 2012

corner view 'time for myself'

Hello again Corner Viewers.  I'm back in the swing of the school routine again and back to see what's going on around the world with CV.

Time for myself has been pretty scarce this summer - our first experience of 12 weeks summer vacation!  Usually I like to blog, Instagram, Pinterest, take photographs, read and generally potter about in my home. But when I found an hour to myself earlier this week I headed straight to get a pedicure - a little self pampering never hurt anyone, right? Magazine in hand, coffee by my side and relaxing hour of foot pampering, with a new varnish I picked up the week before.  Now that was a perfect way to spend my time for myself.

Blue toes to go with a favourite blue sandal.

For more 'time for myself' around the world, stop by Fuoriborgo to see all the other CV contributions this week.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. I am so in need of a pedicure. Hopefully soon I will steal the time to get away. Great toes!!!!

  2. such cute shoes, i love the blue's. 12 weeks sounds like such a long time, I thought 10 weeks was long.
    i just got a mani/pedi and it was a good me time.

    i started running some weeks ago and am really enjoying it. twice a week now I'm running 10K's with a friend and I always feel so good after it.

  3. Always good to make some time for ourselves. Love the blue nail polish!

  4. And now you see "la vie en bleu" :)

  5. A pedicure is a wonderful treat with benefits that last for for quite awhile. I'm in need of one now to get me through the rest of 'sandal time' here.
    I love the awesome blue sandals and snazzy blue nail polish. I use all sorts of color and glitter on my fingernails, but stick to dark pink for my feet. However, I really like that pop of blue---may 'branch out' next summer. (I will probably use fallish color now.):>)

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  7. That's a wonderful way to spend time for yourself!
    I wish I could wear sandals now but instead I pulled out my autumn boots from the wardrobe, it's getting colder here day by day.

    Hugs xxx

  8. I'm too still wearing sandals! :)

  9. Gorgeous shade! Need to get a peri before the big day, too!

  10. Oh, I could need that :D

  11. I love the blue nails & sandals. I'm newer to corner view, nice to meet you.

  12. A pedicure is a great way to be pampered and I love that shade of blue varnish with your gorgeous wedges. So pleased I stumbled across your lovely, varied blog and delighted to be your newest follower.

  13. I love having pedicure:) happy belated birthday to Ruby! i can still remember when she was 2:) x

  14. your tint of varnish and shoes are so in tune!
    but you already knew that, right?

  15. looks great!
    really? you are still in sandals?.... :)
    hope all is well v!


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