Wednesday, 19 December 2012

oh yes please Santa, don't mind if i do (nr.4)

Please don't let me find any more cute fun interesting educational unsual lovely things to add to the collection of gifts I have squirelled away!  Enough!

But of course, whilst out hunting for all those gifts for much loved family and friends, I have spied a few things for myself (well, why not indeed!).

How about the perfect cosy blanket for Christmas holiday afternoons snuggled on the sofa?

100% pure NZ lampswood
from Avoca

(Nr. 1, Nr. 2 and Nr. 3 'oh yes please Santa, don't mind if i do')


  1. Gorgeous! I am so bummed. I ordered the most beautiful Christmas plates, and when the UPS guy delivered them several were broken. I called the company up to see about replacements and they are all sold out! No Christmas plates this year! I hope you get your blanket!

  2. Likeschocolate - oh what a bummer about your plates, I can imagine your disappointment. Maybe you can use the ones that are good as small serving plates so at least you can get to enjoy those.


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