Wednesday, 30 January 2013

a 'free' morning

Well, I'll use 'free' in its more lose sense!    After the pre-school drop off, a a nice long walk with Harvey the hound and getting the kitchen back into shape after a dinner for 10 we hosted yesterday evening (think kitchen explosion!), I have 2 and a half hours to myself!  Yay!

Time to catch up with a few of my favourite blogs, actually getting to finish a hot cup of tea (instead of warming it again and again!) and sitting on the sofa during the daytime (such a rare happening).  I have a pile of magazines gathering dust that I'm going to flick through and ...  well there is no 'and'!  That's it folks I'm       R E L A X I N G.

I feel a calmness which I am going to enjoy every last minute of.

Happy Wednesday to you.


  1. Always love free time..hope it was enjoyable Victoria.. xx

  2. Lovely images to describe free time :)


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