Friday, 4 January 2013

the christmas break

The Christmas trees (we had 2, we love them so) are down and looking sad and lonely out on the front porch waiting for the Boy Scouts to collect them tomorrow.  Decorations are packed away for another 11 months (it's not that long really is it?!).  Gifts have found their rightful place in closets, on bookshelves, in the bathroom waiting to be used for some quiet pampering time.

My favourite gift was a huge terrarium from the Huzz.  A beautifully made hand blown glass sphere from India, that the Huzz chose all the plants and arranged inside.  I've been wanting one forever and it now sits on our dining table for me to enjoy every day.

We've had a good Christmas break relax.  A trip to the movies.  Taking our pooch Harvey for his first walks out in the neighbourhood.  A family outing to see 'Peter Pan' at the NW Children's Theatre.  Lots of dinners with friends and lots of playing Bird Bingo (highly recommend this board game) and Jenga.  Nothing to much, but just enough.

The Huzz and I have started to enjoy the winter evenings with a couple of dvd box sets.   We are switching between the US and the UK!  First up is 'Homeland' (gripping and very 'now') starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis - I really cannot wait to watch the next episode this evening.   And 'Our Friends in the North' - a British TV drama series from 1996 telling the story of 4 friends from the North of England between 1964 and 1995.  A brilliant drama showcasing the early acting talents of Daniel Craig, Gina McKee, Christopher Eccleston and Mark Strong. The British Film Institute rated 'Our Friends in the North' number 25 in the top 100 Greatest British Telelvision programmes of the 20th Century.   Have you watched either of these?

We are trying to cut back on our Christmas indulgences but with a few treats still hanging around it may take a little longer than expected!  Oh well!

And so that's how we've been rolling this past week or so

Hope your 2013 has started well.  Happy Weekending.


  1. Happy New Year! I bought Bird Bingo for my friend's 8-year-old twin daughters, haven't given it to them yet, we're seeing them tomorrow. I'm worried it might be too old for them & that I just bought it because I like the look of it! So it's good to hear some positive feedback.

  2. Happy New Year! Homeland:) I spend last two nights watching 7 episodes, great TV x


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