Monday, 4 February 2013

enjoying monday

I woke up this morning surprisingly rested after a rare good night's sleep.  

Today feels good.

It's Ruby's day at home from pre-school today so we have nice plans.....

Firstly we've Ruby taken our dog Harvey for a nice walk and now he's sleeping.

Beds are stripped and airing, ready for fresh bedlinen this afternoon.

We are off to Ruby's 'Creative Dance' class shortly
Dancing around with ribbons, wands, like animals, like fairies!  Fun Fun Fun!

We will stop at her favourite Sushi restaurant for a light lunch.

all images via Pinterest

And then home for a rest before Nr. 1 son arrives home from school and things pick up a pace!

Snack.  Homework.  Judo.  Home.  Shower.  Dinner.  Read.  Bed.

Sounds like a good start to the week to me.

H A P P Y    M O N D A Y

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  1. That sounds like our evening on Monday except that dinner comes before karate! Hope all went well! Visiting your blog makes me miss Potland . I could go for done Swaggarts right now! Have you ever eaten there?


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