Tuesday, 26 March 2013

spring break, so far

Scenes from the first couple of days of our Spring Break....

Daffs are a sure sign that Spring has sprung.

A little early mini chocolate egg indulgence!

Lots of Harvey walking to the parks and getting him to part with rather large sticks!

Great lookout!  This little girl is fearless.

First day this year at the coast.

A bit of big brother tackling going on here!

One man and his dog.
Harvey's first day on a beach.  
What couldn't he love - digging holes, running, splashing, eating seaweed!

Always something new to do and find at the beach.
Trying to pull a huge pile of sea kelp up the beach (as you do!).


  1. I envy you for the good weather!!! And I can't believe how big Ruby has grown.

  2. I miss that coast! I have a package of those eggs sitting in my pantry. Amazing that I haven't opened it yet. Happy Easter and I the rest of your spring break is just as wonderful.

  3. What a gorgeous start to your spring break. I hope it continues to be fabulous for you guys - enjoy :) xx

  4. It all looks perfect, Victoria. Happy Easter and happy break!

  5. Life looks wonderful for you all - I can't believe how fast Harvey is growing. He looks so much fun for you all. Pat xx


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