Tuesday, 14 May 2013

blog every day in may challenge - 10 things that make me happy

10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

(To be seated at this table with loved ones
would make me happy in so many ways!)

In the meantime..... here's my 10


(dreaming of living by the coast one day)

Time to myself
(sometimes just 30 mins 'me time' is enough)

Fresh cut flowers in the kitchen
(a real perk when we lived in the Netherlands - flower
markets are abundant and fabulous and inexpensive)

Spending time with good friends
(doesn't everyone love good food and drinks shared with good friends)

Dinner outdoors on warm evenings
(on that beach above, ideally!)

Tanned feet and pretty painted toes
(favourite colour for summer is an orangey/watermelony colour)

Laughter and hugs from my children
(their laughter always makes me smile)

Having things checked off my To Do List
(the weight does literally feel lifted from my shoulders)

My husband and I just pottering around the house
doing our own things but just
home together
(everything feels right when he's around)



  1. You have a blissful list! I want to be sitting at that table too. And Fresh cut flowers in the kitchen just makes everything better

  2. Most of the things on your list make me happy too! That picture is perfectly beautiful!

  3. I love that most of our lists are so similar ~ I could have also written this one as I smiled when I read down it.


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