Saturday, 18 May 2013

blog every day in may challenge - photograph of me

May 17th

A favorite photograph of yourself and why.

I'm not big on having photographs taken of myself, much to the disappointment of the Huzz who loves photography..

However, there is this one photograph of me and my two kiddos that I love.  I love the way Luca is hugging us.  They look so young too.  The light just as sun is setting is beautiful.  Just seeing this photograph makes me smile.

Taken in Florida in May 2010.  This vacation spot is a favorite for our family.  We've rented a beach house here for 5 years during May.  It feels like a second home and as we are so familiar with the area, we step right into wonderful vacation relaxation.



  1. Do you know what? This picture actually brought a tear to my eye!! A happy tear - you look so contented. I can completely see why this is your fave. And as for that sunset...makes my heart yearn. Lou x

  2. Ah! Seeing this picture made me smile too! Beautiful.

  3. This is such a beautiful photo, everything about your son in this image is so touching....he's holding on as tight as he possibly can isn't he, so lovely. These are the moments....


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