Wednesday, 22 May 2013

blog every day in may challenge - having a rant

Rant about something.

I'm not the kind of person who rants and shouts about things.
I'm very much the 'live and let live' kind of person.
However there is one thing that has recently really got at me...

On Facebook I see so many posts popping up that say:

'Like if you wish Cancer did not exist'.

Am I going mad?

I'm sure there cannot be one person who does not wish
Cancer didn't exist.

Liking or Sharing this statement won't make the
least bit of difference.
It won't help anyone.
It won't change a thing.
What is the point?

I have lost too many of the people I loved most
in this world to such a terrible disease.

If you want to help find a cure/prevention for cancer 


Raise awareness
Raise money
Take care of your health
 Get regular check-ups
Know your familiy health history
Reduce the use of household chemicals in your home
Eat a healthy balanced diet

Don't share or post stupid statements on FB that are worthless.

Rant Over


  1. Very well said, I couldn't agree more....a positive rant, good idea ;)

  2. OMG ~ I am right there with you ~ share for this ~ like for that! Great one!


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