Tuesday, 1 October 2013

boots, in short

So we've switched into Fall mode pretty quickly now.  Two weeks ago we enjoyed one last blast of summer with a couple of 80 degree days.   This past week, we are almost growing webbed feet due to the amount of rain that has poured from the grey sky!  My Hunter boots have become my footwear of choice every day.

Sandals, white Converse and Havaianas are stored away until the warmer days return, and now thoughts turn to boots.  I have a number of pairs, all knee high in black, tan and wine.  Two have a fabulous 70s feel to them that I love.  But I've now been quietly looking for the perfect short boot - just over the ankle.  

Three of my favourites ...

Acne Leather Ankle Boot at Saks
| Fiorentini + Baker | Fall Winter Collection 2013-2014 |

Frye Women's Boots, Karla Engineer Short Booties - Shoes - Macy's

I love this look (the Huzz does not!) but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!


  1. I have the Acne Pistol Boot - I've worn them to death over the last few years, so now I'm looking for something similar in black.

  2. I think they are great Victoria, it is your British heritage coming out. I say go for the last one, throw on a black leather jacket and embrace! xx

  3. I LOVE Frye boots. They are the most comfortable boot for me.


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