Wednesday, 6 November 2013

bed time

Next week we will take delivery of a new bed.  A lovely hand made wooden king size bed, that is long overdue for us.   Like all our furniture purchases, we've taken our time and not rushed into buying an 'It'll do for now' piece that we didn't love or want to keep forever.  I'm so happy we waited and found The Joinery here in Portland where each furniture builder creates one piece from start to finish, signing and dating their work when completed.  We chose the wood and the design we wanted and can't wait for it to arrive in our home.

We're looking forward to stretching out, sleeping well, having space for us and the two kiddos and the dog to jump in on a Sunday morning, all with some space instead of a pile-up!

Moving from a regular double size bed to a king size will of course require a little bed linen shopping to be done.  I'm unlikely to go for anything other than crispy white and 100% cotton.  I like to keep it simple, clean and fresh.  At he most, I might add a small pattern detail or a stripe here or there, or a touch of cream or grey.

Here's some of my favourites…..

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  1. Any of those rooms I would be so happy to sleep in! Portland really is an amazing city! Congratulations on your new bed!


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