Monday, 6 January 2014

and we're off

Welcome to 2014.  Oh… we're already on day 6.  Sorry I didn't get back sooner.  The slow pace of life over the Christmas holidays was so relaxing and so what was needed, that I've found it hard to find my blogging mojo again.  I've browsed some of my favourite blogs and left a very small number of comments but nothing very taxing.

December was as hectic here as it probably was for you too, but in a good way.  Invitations were abundant this year and all good fun.  Drinks, dinners and party dresses.  Bunches of kids watching movies or playing games way later than normal, whilst the parents enjoyed the clinking of festive cocktail glasses and appretizers with way too many calories for such little mouthfuls!

And then one day before Christmas we were all partied out and we were happy to say 'Merry Christmas' to our last dinner guests and quietly close the door and have a family Christmas, just the 4 of us.  Family time for a few days. Movies, good food, gifts, FaceTime with family in the UK, cosy days with little planned.  Over the two weeks we ventured out to bowling, the beach and a movie.  A few walks in the park, a basketball game and the kids had a couple of sleepovers.  No sales shopping at all!

Anyhow, its good to be back.   One child back at school today, the other tomorrow.  I have a stinking cold now (thankfully that didn't arrive until a couple of days ago and so didn't spoil any of those cocktails for me!).  The whole year stretches ahead, waiting for some plans (not to many though) and a few projects.  We have booked flights to warmer climates in the spring and I'm happy to be doing a little online shopping for pretty dresses and easy pieces to see me from beach to beach bar.  Thoughts of beaches, sunshine and warm evenings will get me through the next weeks of grey and rain.

Wishing you a wonderful start to 2014.  Hope it brings you everything you wish for.2014


  1. Same here :) Six weeks to go until our toes hit the warm sand... Happy New Year! xx

  2. Your Christmas holiday sounds perfect, how lovely. And how nice to have a holiday booked, especially somewhere warm! I'm currently doing my usual January thing of perusing flight schedules dreaming of places to go LOL!

    Happy New Year! Xx

  3. All the very best and a happy 2014 to you all. Hope you are all warm and not got the freezing weather!! Pat x

  4. I think I'm in exactly the same spot. Had a happy Christmas, and now I'm trying to get into gear. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Happy 2014, Victoria! Hope your cold is over and done with.


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