Friday, 24 January 2014

getting a bit fit with Fitbit

It was my birthday this week - I was thoroughly spoilt by my lovely family - but they know I'm worth it right!!!

One of my gifts was a Fitbit Flex wireless wristband that keeps track of my activity, steps, calories and sleep. The Huzz thought I'd like it.  I wasn't so sure.  Well, it turns out he knows me well !!
Fitbit Announces Wristband Activity Tracker Fitbit Flex - I want one of these when they come out!!!
I've recently been having far too many snacks between meals and of course there was the Christmas holiday parties and usual consumption of delights. Add to that my running schedule which has gone completely out the window due to the worst cold / flu like symptons I've had in years, I'm not as light on my feet as I'd like to be!

Having the Fitbit has been a great way to for me to ensure I walk a minimum of 10,000 steps each day (I'm pleased to say I've knocked up at least 16,000 each day without any extra effort).   I can input my food and liquid consumption into a downloadable program online or mobile, and keep track of calorie intake versus calories burned.

Recording what I eat has also made me think about what I eat.  Do I really want / need that cookie(s) with my cup of coffee or that extra meatball with my pasta?  No!   I'm also not very good about drinking enough water each day, and I've made a real effort to drink more.

So the Fitbit is really like having someone watch over me, making me take account of everything and encouraging me to keep on track.  So far so good.  Now I just need to get out running again this week and see how tough it feels getting back to my previous distances.

This isn't a sponsored post and no freebie Fitbit was on offer!  There are lots of wrist bands around like this, most doing pretty much the same.   Do you use one?


  1. Happy Birthday for this week :)

    I did have a Fitbit when they first came out but it's currently languishing in a drawer somewhere, it wasn't the super-duper one that you've made me want to dig mine out again though.

    I love the glorious pinks of those peonies, definitely brightening up a grey, wet & windy Saturday.

    Have a lovely week-end Xx

  2. I will have to check out this product. The flowers are gorgeous and a very Happy Birthday to you!


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