Saturday, 30 August 2014

arty party

So my little girl is 'almost six'.  Not quite there yet, but good enough!  Her birthday falls on the back to school day and with Labor Day weekend just before, its not the best time for a birthday bash.  So this past Saturday we celebrated her 'Almost 6 Birthday' with 6 of her girl friends.

Arty Party was the theme.  Freestyle canvas painting to start with, then a color-by-numbers canvas painting followed with decorating little note books and bookmarks.  Arty activities were interspersed with bashing the life out of a butterfly piƱata (those girls are strong!), cake, photos and gift opening!  A fun (and not too messy!) time was had by all.

It's still beyond me that she is almost 6 and starting Kindergarten in a week's time!

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