Friday, 19 December 2014

all that glitters

I can't resist a little sparkle at this time of year (any time of year really but more now).  Whether it's on a cushion, a new tree ornament or a splash of sequins on a party outfit (not head to toe though!).

Sparkling A line midi skirt

I'd wear this fabulous skirt with a simple black top, and high high black heels.

Sequined cross pillow Crush Cul de Sac
Grey and Sequins perfection.
Use #glitter and leaves to make this #fall garland. #DIY
A beautifully simple craft idea to add some pretty sparkle to your home.

Jewelled Flats

Gorgeous navy sparkling flats.  Now on sale!

Glitter #holiday Joy painted sign. Plus create your own sign with a free cut file.

Hope you have a sparkling weekend.


  1. ooh, the glittery leaves hanging on ribbons are just lovely!

  2. Yes i like Sparkle leaves,It's a nice and simple idea.I think it can simply apply in some hand made things like bangles,in wishes card.


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