Tuesday, 26 May 2015

rainblow colored salads

Banish those salads made from limp lettuce, cucumber and tomato (memories of which still haunt me!).  With the bounty of gorgeous vegetables and fruits available as summer approaches, these salads are sure to get your tastebuds buzzing and asking for more.  And of course they look pretty good too.  Enjoy.

Beet Salad with Honey-Lavender Dressing


Quinoa, Mint and Stone Fruit Salad via A House in the Hills


  1. Now you are speaking my love language! I had something similar to the first one for dinner tonight. I adore beets!

  2. So tasty look.Which citrus fruits are used for this citrus & onion salad ?

    1. Chloe, blood orange, tangelo (a hybrid fruit of a tangerine and pomelo), grapefruit and also lemons can be used if you like the sweet and sour mix.


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