Sunday, 14 June 2015

ice ice baby

I heart summer

Summer is well and truly here.  Kiddos have finished school in a crazy week filled with end of year exams, field day, class parties, talent shows and 'school's out' parties.   It feels like the quickes school year ever (but I'm sure I say that every summer!).  It's good to know we have no early morning alarms to contend with, packed lunches to make and no late night homework schedules to deal with.  Twelve (yes 12!) weeks are ahead of us and I am taking a deep breath and diving in, and hoping I come out the other end still breathing!!!

The sun is shining here and its hot hot hot here (I'm hoping we haven't peaked too soon with such good weather).  The demand for ice-cream and popsicles is on the rise too, and there's only so many mini-Magnums I want my kidds (and me) to eat, and so I've been browsing homemade ices for them and some that have an extra kick for the grown-ups too!

Happy Summertime!

Blackberry, Rosemary, and Yogurt Ice Pops


iced coffee popsicles 1


  1. These all look refreshing! Happy Summer! Do you have any fun plans this summer?


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