Tuesday, 14 July 2015

summer days drifted away….

We are into week 5 of summer vacation already!  One day has rolled into the next and before you know it another week has passed by.  We've managed to squeeze in a whole bunch of stuff in so far…

3 beach trips
1 camping trip

2 visits to the movies
many many playdates with friends

copius amounts of ice-cream
grilling on the bbq almost every day

17 consecutive days of temperatures reaching 90+ degrees (we hit 100 a couple of times) = 
hours and hours spent at the pool

4th July at the St Paul Rodeo - yee haw cowboys!
 a small surgery for Ruby (nothing to worry about thankfully)


lots of library book borrowing
lots of playing in the sprinkler

bike rides
outdoor music concert

an art camp for Ruby - lots of clays things were made!
and Luca is away in the amazing and beautiful San Juan Islands with 23 other kids this week (envy!)

climbing all over the remains of a ship wreck from 1906
exploring a fort dating from 1863

more than enough time on electronics!

and yet…..

I've heard my kids,  more the a few times, say "I'm bored"  !!!

To which I've replied...

What about that pile of Lego that could be rebuilt into all those amazing things you "needed" not so long ago.  How about walking the dog? Go outside and play basketball.  Start on a new book.

No, I will not let you watch another movie. 
No, I will not give you another $5 to spend in Starbucks!

It makes me think of my summer vacation in the UK as a child.

six weeks of lazing around  
watching Elvis movies in the mornings

endless bike riding with friends
Girl Scout camp

parks, forests, den making

No electronics (well, unless you count the TV) whatsoever!

And I'm sure I said I was bored more than once too!  

Hope your summer is going wonderfully.


  1. Being bored is a good thing! Looks like you have made a perfect recipe for summer!

    1. You're right it is a good thing! Not having 101 things planned out for them and a little lazying around over the summer is also good too. Hope your summer is going well.


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