Saturday, 29 August 2015

summertime blues

It's been an absolute age since I've been here.  Bloggers Block? Or a Summer Siesta?

I'm not feeling too blue about it though. This summer has been magnificent.  Talk about endless.  We have been spoilt with glorious days of blue sky, and I do believe a consecutive 19 days of 90+ degrees, with the rest not far off.  When it got a little too much (and I know I really shouldn't be complaining) and we had a couple of days of cloudy skies with a few showers and temps dropping to low 70s, it was enjoyed.  However, I wasn't quite ready for cooler days just yet.

Of course there is downside of this wonderful summer.  The lack of rain in Oregon has increased the wildfires substantially here in the Pacific Northwest I have never seen the countryside so parched.  And seeing on the news the fires that have destroyed more than a million acres of land, homes, old wooden bridges and more is frightening. Even though not on our doorstep, we could smell the smoke in the air and the smoke pollution on a few days was quite visible hanging over the city.  Thoughts always go to those in danger and those risking their lives to help.  So for this reason the rain that's arrived this past couple of days has been more than welcome.

For us it was a Staycation this year.  Lovely family came visiting from the UK and stayed with us for 10 days which meant lots of day trips, cousins getting lots of overdue time to play together, lazy dinners late into the evening, board games, movies, gin & tonics (plenty!) and a great time together.  My kids were at a few summer camps ranging from camping in the San Juan islands, to an art camp and lots of clay creations coming home every day!  A multi-sports camp and a beginners sailing camp (I love that they get to try out new stuff each year).  Plenty of sleepovers with friends, grilling outside almost every day, camping, summer movies and messing about in boats.  And of course lots of beach and pool days, keeping cool and in some cases escaping the heat of Portland for the cooler temperatures at the coast.

With just over a week to go until BTS (back-to-school) we have a camping trip, a 7th birthday celebration slumber party and school picnic to enjoy.  Fun up to the last minute and plenty of good memories of a great summer to carry us through what we know will feel like a long damp Fall and Winter.

Hope you're enjoying your last days of summer as much as we are…

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